Health And Fitness: Important Factors For A Healthy Living And Fitness


God has gifted mankind with so many blessings and bounties which we never deny and one of the most precious blessings on earth is good health and fitness. Life itself seems to be beautiful, if we are physically and mentally strong. A good health is therefore very important for you to live, to work, to learn and even to earn.

Here, you are going to throw light into the important factors which you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Some of the important factors for mental and physical health and fitness are as follows, and don’t forget the best gym in London Ontario can help!

Taking a Balanced Diet

For good health and physical fitness, you need to take balanced diet. This means your diet should be full of nutrients. Nature has provided you the source of these nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. Consumption of milk from dairy products is a source of Calcium. Calcium is very much important for our strong bones, teeth and for our growth. It also helps in strengthening our heart functions, muscles and nerves.

Proteins and carbohydrates, which you can get from fish, eggs, chicken, meat and green vegetables works as a fuel in our body. Iron helps in making our blood. It is found in beans, meats, nuts, apple and liver. Certain fruits and vegetables such as carrots, orange, tomatoes and cabbage are enriched with Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Vitamin A and C plays a very important role for the health of our skin and recovery of muscles. We can get fiber from foods such as beans, liver etc. It prevents you from the risk of heart attack.

Take Plenty of Water

Water plays an important role in maintaining overall body health. According to experts, drinking 10 glasses of water every day will keep you healthy. It keeps your body active and hydrated. If you not intake water sufficiently, your body will not work efficiently. Drinking plenty of water is very healthy for your skin, for your age among other related benefits.

Besides, using water whether drinking or taking a bath helps release your fatigue. It also helps you in digestion process. If you are experiencing weight problem, it will definitely assist you to lose some with time.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep really affects your body. Timely sleep is very critical to your body and experts consider it as part of your diet. You should have enough sleep of about8 hours at night for adults and about 10 hours for kids. Getting enough sleep helps to refresh your mind reverting you from depression and other unhelpful thoughts.

Regular Exercise

Exercise plays an important role not for our health only but for your mental and physical fitness. You should need to exercise daily to increase your metabolism. Exercise regularly wills not only boosts your energy but will increase your lifespan. It has a great effect on your mood. Exercising daily, about 30 minutes or so will definitely keep you off diseases and weight problems.

For your sound health and fitness, you should walk daily for almost 15 to 30 minutes. It strengthens your heart, gives you energy, increases your stamina, and makes you fit and happy.


This Little Golf Gem

So lately i have had so many people asking me about golf destinations. I have been to a lot of places and blogged about a lot of them. Amazing places like La Quinta, all over Ireland, Scotland,  Florida, Arizona and the list goes on and on and on.

I get a lot of letters and a lot of comments about why I don’t write more about the little guys. The mom and pop shops that are truly great golf courses but may not have the flash and flair and, quite honestly, the advertising to go along with it.  I have also played so many great little 9 hole golf courses that i did finally feel like i should mention a few of my favourites so here goes.

I was in London, Ontario a while back getting a private golf lesson at a fantastic new indoor golf instruction center called London Golf Academy and I was discussing with Mike (the instructor) about some really good small courses around and the name Black Creek Golf Course came up so I thought I would make a tee time and go play.

When i called the course the lady said ‘oh we don’t really take tee times on Thursday mornings, just show up and we will fit you in’ . Now most of the time this would worry me but from here tone I knew i was going to get out and play no problem.  So I got out my trusty GPS and typed in the name and (after a little searching) I was off to play.


I showed up and it was just like I imagined it would be. Gravel road. small parking lot.  Nice flower beds around a small but tidy clubhouse.  I walked in and was greeted with a hello and a smile and even a hello from what I am assuming is a regular member at the course who was enjoying what looked like a great breakfast….(note…it was a great breakfast, i ordered my own when i was done and it was fantastic).


So i paid the helpful lady and away i went. The first hole was a 400 yard dog leg left over a small creek to a slightly elevated green framed in by a hill in the background. Wow i thought, this is a very solid start. Next came a 125 yard par 3 which seems like a shortish little hole but the green is tricky to hit so it was just fine with me. Follow this up with another -par 3 3rd and i thought that maybe this course was going to be to easy… but then BAM! The next hole has to be one of the hardest, but fair holes I have ever played. It is a 600 yard par 5. Now i have played long holes but this one is different. Your tee shot needs to travel up hill to about 220 yards with out of bounds on the right and a sloping hill to bushes on the left. 220 yards doesn’t seem to daunting but the change in elevation takes about 100 years off your tee shot. Remember this hole is 600 yards!  So even with a great drive you can have 350-400 yards for your second shot. That used to be the norm for hard long par 5’s but not anymore. Loved it.

the next 3 holes are short par’ 4’s to make up for the beast before it and then another solid par 4 back down the hill and finishes with a 200 yard par 3 to a green that is lightning quick form back to front.

The bottom line is what a gem of a golf course. 25$ to play 18. really? no better value around.




Looking for a Destination Real Estate Property? Here are some Useful Tips

With numerous real estate agents out there, discovering one you could rely on could appear to be a complicated job. Especially if you’ve never worked with a realtor previously, or if you’ve ever had one whom you couldn’t trust, picking an excellent realtor might be extremely tough, if next to impossible, to achieve.Conduct Interviews

It’s not enough to open up the yellow web pages and scan the listings of realtors there. Ideally, going to the realtor’s office is the best alternative, yet you may not have the time to do this. Opportunities are there will certainly be a lot of realtors for you to go browse through, so you could decide to perform a meeting on the phone. Be prepared with a checklist of questions to ask, as well as expect frank and also straightforward responses. It won’t take very long for you to discover throughout the discussion whether the realtor is straightforward, or if they are just a salesperson who evades your inquiries by giving you vague answers or fluff.


Oliver and Assoicates Van Bart Real Estate Brokerage

Request References

A great realtor will certainly be happy to offer you the names of pleased consumers, in order to back up how trustworthy they will be for you. Occasionally, many people will certainly find realtors on word of mouth alone. Delighted clients will certainly be pleased to talk to you about your potential realtor, and many times, this will certainly equip you with the most effective details about the realtor you are considering.

Speak with the Broker

Sometimes, chatting opening with the broker regarding your realtor’s efficiency might give you ideas about exactly how reliable your realtor may be. This might not constantly offer you the most effective info, as the broker certainly desires your organisation in the same way the realtor does, yet a broker that wants to talk with you as a prospective client could assist you to determine whether the company the realtor represents will certainly be behind you all the way.

Particularly if you’ve never ever employed a realtor before, or if you’ve ever had one which you couldn’t trust, selecting an excellent realtor could be incredibly challenging if next to impossible, to accomplish. A great realtor will be happy to give you the names of satisfied clients, in order to back up how trustworthy they will certainly be for you. Delighted clients will certainly be pleased to speak to you concerning your possible realtor, and many times, this will arm you with the best information regarding the realtor you are thinking about. To learn more tips go to for all your real estate questions to be answered.

Essential information about Puerto Rico before going

By now, many people know that Puerto Rico is a great tropical place that you can visit. That this can be an affordable tropical vacation, but that you can also have a 5 star tropical holidays there. There are many questions about this country and many information that you need to know, before you can go to Puerto Rico. This is the only way that you can make sure that this holiday is going to be unforgettable and a dream come true. This essential information you should keep in mind before booking your holiday in Puerto Rico.

The best time for going to Puerto Rico

Because there aren’t really a time of year where you can find wet or dry weather, you can actually choose any time to go on holiday there. However, for most people the best time is between December and April.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should only make your bookings for that time of year. You can go during the other months as well, and have a much quieter vacation than during peak season.

Food and drinks of Puerto Rico

The one thing that you don’t need to worry about is the food and drinks that you can find in Puerto Rico. The one thing that tourists know is that there are countries where they are selling unique and not so common cuisine that many don’t want to try.

In Puerto Rico, you will not find any strange food that you might come across. There are different types of cuisines and you will find the one that is going to be delicious for you.

Health and safety risks at this country

Most people are worried about the health and safety risks that you can find in Puerto Rico. Especially because of myths that isn’t true. The only health risk that you can encounter is dehydration and sunburn. There aren’t any tropical illnesses that you can get.

Just like any other country in the world, there is some crime in Puerto Rico. But not as much as in most countries and not at the tropical destinations. Many think that Puerto Rico is a dangerous place to go, but this isn’t true at all.

Overall rating of Puerto Rico as a tropical destination

When it comes to Puerto Rico as a tropical destination, you can’t ask for a better place. There are many great things about Puerto Rico. It is affordable, the crime is low, and there aren’t any dangerous tropical diseases that you need to know about. The best part is that they offer some great cuisines that are delicious and that will bring you back for more.

With this information, you will know that Puerto Rico is not just another tropical place that you can visit. This is one of the best, and most affordable destinations that you can choose, and you will be sure of having a great time there. The only thing you should know is that the weather can be hot and sunburn is a reality.