This Little Golf Gem

So lately i have had so many people asking me about golf destinations. I have been to a lot of places and blogged about a lot of them. Amazing places like La Quinta, all over Ireland, Scotland,  Florida, Arizona and the list goes on and on and on.

I get a lot of letters and a lot of comments about why I don’t write more about the little guys. The mom and pop shops that are truly great golf courses but may not have the flash and flair and, quite honestly, the advertising to go along with it.  I have also played so many great little 9 hole golf courses that i did finally feel like i should mention a few of my favourites so here goes.

I was in London, Ontario a while back getting a private golf lesson at a fantastic new indoor golf instruction center called London Golf Academy and I was discussing with Mike (the instructor) about some really good small courses around and the name Black Creek Golf Course came up so I thought I would make a tee time and go play.

When i called the course the lady said ‘oh we don’t really take tee times on Thursday mornings, just show up and we will fit you in’ . Now most of the time this would worry me but from here tone I knew i was going to get out and play no problem.  So I got out my trusty GPS and typed in the name and (after a little searching) I was off to play.


I showed up and it was just like I imagined it would be. Gravel road. small parking lot.  Nice flower beds around a small but tidy clubhouse.  I walked in and was greeted with a hello and a smile and even a hello from what I am assuming is a regular member at the course who was enjoying what looked like a great breakfast….(note…it was a great breakfast, i ordered my own when i was done and it was fantastic).


So i paid the helpful lady and away i went. The first hole was a 400 yard dog leg left over a small creek to a slightly elevated green framed in by a hill in the background. Wow i thought, this is a very solid start. Next came a 125 yard par 3 which seems like a shortish little hole but the green is tricky to hit so it was just fine with me. Follow this up with another -par 3 3rd and i thought that maybe this course was going to be to easy… but then BAM! The next hole has to be one of the hardest, but fair holes I have ever played. It is a 600 yard par 5. Now i have played long holes but this one is different. Your tee shot needs to travel up hill to about 220 yards with out of bounds on the right and a sloping hill to bushes on the left. 220 yards doesn’t seem to daunting but the change in elevation takes about 100 years off your tee shot. Remember this hole is 600 yards!  So even with a great drive you can have 350-400 yards for your second shot. That used to be the norm for hard long par 5’s but not anymore. Loved it.

the next 3 holes are short par’ 4’s to make up for the beast before it and then another solid par 4 back down the hill and finishes with a 200 yard par 3 to a green that is lightning quick form back to front.

The bottom line is what a gem of a golf course. 25$ to play 18. really? no better value around.




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